Friday, June 8, 2007

One to Whom I Proposed.....

She had a lovely face,

And long brown hair tied wid lace,
Only innocent in her eyes could me traced,

But her walk was full of grace.
Whev ever any danger the world would pose

She considered it as misfortunes over dose,
And the sparkle in her eyes indicated,

her trimp over the wicked.
He was her secret admirer

But never dared to apporoach her,
He appereciated her smile which would appear

When every body brust into laughter.
And so did days, weeks & months passes away

With a passion to see her,he would often cross her way..
Slowly he realised the love in her eyes

And always longed to hear her voice,
Surely he was in a sorrow state of affair,

For she never showed that or him she did care.
And even when he tried to speak,

She quietly passed without paying any heed,
Once, crazy was he to follow her to the house

And said desperately,"I want to be ur spouse".
She handed him a piece of paper & disappeared ,

When he read the letter, it said...
"I am an Orphan, Deaf & dumb...

Also a widow, my husband is dead..
I'm not worth being even your FRIEND"

THis is one of my Favourites {published in Hitvada- Nagpur}
[not written by me...]


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some thing new.....keep it up...

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